Electoral Finance Bill

It’s not often that I yell on this blog but the EFB is a RORT.  I will not be made to register to anyone in order to speak my mind.  I will not have financial contraints put on me if I want to speak my mind and I (read: third party/individual) will not, under any circumstances, be abused in this manner.

Much has been written about this piece of (potential) legislation that is currently at the Select Committee phase of its life.  The debate has raged for some time and I will defer to ‘higher powers’ on this..if you want to know more please go to www.kiwiblog.co.nz; and if you want to donate to the cause please go to www.killthebill.org.nz but let me say this….

If the Human Rights Commission, the New Zealand Law Society, and many, many, many, other emininent groups and individuals have publicly (and unashamedly) slammed this piece of autocratic claptrap, then shouldn’t we, all of us, sit up and take notice.


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