Valuing Horticultural Land

This from a group calling themselves the Heretaunga Plains Protection Society 

Many of you may be wondering why we are so passionate about preserving the Heretaunga Plains of Hawke’s Bay for use by the horticultural industry.

“Why not just put houses on it?” we hear people say.  “What’s the problem…?”

Well, apart from enjoying growing “stuff”, we at are also acutely aware of the economic and social impact that horticulture has on the region.

Let’s look at some figures for an apple orchard

On average an apple orchard produces around 2500 cartons of apples per hectare (that’s 250,000 apples per hectare!)

It costs around $19 to produce one carton. That $19 goes out the orchard-gate to  trucking companies, packaging manufacturers, packhouses, exporters, printing companies, machinery sales & repairs. and the list goes on.  Anything after this $19 is profit; from which the grower can finally take a living for himself.

There are around 6000 hectares of pipfruit (apples and pears) grown in Hawke’s Bay.

Here’s the economic benefit with huge social impact.

6000 hectares x 2500 cartons x $19 per carton = $285,000,000 poured back into the industries that service Hawke’s Bay pipfruit industry per annum.

That doesn’t take into account all the other crops grown in the bay like peaches, kiwifruit, vegetables and so on.  And it doesn’t take into account all the pipfruit and other crops grown around the rest of New Zealand.

 The average wage in New Zealand is currenlty around $44K; the pipfruit industry in Hawke’s Bay alone, therefore supports $28,500,000/$44,000 = 6477 full time workers.!

Makes you think…

Yes it does.


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