Giving back the money

Mr Peters is finally going to give taxpayers back the money he took last election.

On my calculations, using the 90 day bill rates, the interest on the $157K now totals $39,897; so we will have that back too; cheers.

No, on second thoughts, let’s not use the 90 day bill rate, lets use mortgage rates (the rest of us have too)

We will have the extra $51,967 thanks.  Oh, and you had our money on deposit?  We’ll take any earnings you got from that too, ta! I ‘m sure there are laws regarding making money from ill-gotten gains.  Just let us know the deposit rate, we’ll send you a bill.

That will pay for another nurse or teacher (Thankfully, I don’t think it will cover a bureaucrats wages)

Now, who else hasn’t paid the money back, I have my calculator waiting.

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