Sometimes it’s too tough

Being at a party on Saturday night, and alcohol being imbibed, i stood back and listened with great interest to the topic of conversation.

These were all very old friends, many, many years had past since we first met and though ‘catch-ups’ were now irregular it was sad to hear what they were talking about.

The state of the country and how damned hard it was to get ahead! (and I thought it was just me)

After hours of bemoaning, querying, questioning, analysing and more bubbles it was decided that we were all right, there was no immediate answer.

Australia came up, and the taxes they don’t pay, and the money they get in the mines AND how if families sent their men off to the mines we could get ahead.  Jokingly someone mentioned that if they won’t take our apples then they can bloodywell have our men…though I suspect some are still looking at the option very seriously long after the alcohol has warn off. 😦

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