Shafted by a Telco once again

We, here in our little bit of rural NZ, have done our very best to oust Telecom from our lives.  Years of poor service, limited broadband (dial-up is NOT the internet) and generally being treated like an idiot have led us to vote with our feet. Not so our children…

These telecom plans have, well, won their money.

However, child number three, recently bought a new phone (read: 4 days ago) and yesterday the screen broke.  He swears and declares he did not drop it; and on this occassion I believe him.

Taking the phone back into the shop we were affronted (yes that’s the correct word) with the usual list of accusations.  You dropped it, NO; something pressed on it in your pocket (eh?); we will have to send it away (No shit Einstein).  Anyway here are the associated charges.

If it’s a fault of the phone – they replace it in …maybe..10 working days. THANKS; should we be grateful?

If they deem it to have been dropped (apparently there’s a sensor in it but no-one can tell me how sensitive the sensor is) then

$55 to have it looked at

OR $70 – $100 to have the screen replaced.

I fumed for a while….it’s only a $130 dollar phone (I don’t mean only, as in only $130, I mean only as in how can a $130 phone have a $100 screen) then trusting child three on this decided to send it off; with the proviso that if it was dropped HE would be paying. He was confident he would not.

Let’s see how they can shaft us this time….

He did mention just buying a sim card for an old vodafone we have…..he he he


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