Didn’t I say so already…

A previous entry, titled,  “Sometimes it’s too tough”, seems to be echoing in my head.  After a fabulous day 4x4ing in Kereru yesterday we stopped off at the ‘Chook & Filly’ for an adult refreshment.  Being the friendly people that we are (and the fact that all the tables were taken) we asked politely if we could sit with a fellow who looked close to crying into his ale.  Quickly he gave us a reasonably unintelligible account of how things had gone wrong (we didn’t know what business he was in so couldn’t piece the pieces together)..anyway… his rant ended with “it’s just too hard to be self employed in this country.  I’m off to Australia”.

I’m afraid the Australian Immigration Department has got news for him


Who was supposed to turn the lights out in New Zealand?

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