The world has officially gone mad..

Well not the world per se; just those inhabiting it.

I could write long and hard abut the Electoral Finance Bill  or the Appropriation Bill (Appropriation is defined (in part) as usurpation; seizure etc) but the thing that has really rattled my cage this morning is the report on bonding sessions for the Kiwis as stated in the Dom .

Apparently the coach Gary Kemble ‘forced (players) to seve dinner to teammates … wearing nothing but a tie’..This was supposed to be bonding?

We have been involved in many teamsports and teams a sort of like a family.  Now if I made my family serve me dinner while they were all but naked (sorry about the pun) I would be arrested and put in jail.

How can that sort of behaviour ever be considered bonding.

If these allegations are true I can fully understand why we lost so badly.

p.s. Rugby League is not my sport of choice to watch on the telly but my heart goes out to those guys.


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