Whose livelihoods are they playing with!

An article on Stuff has reported that not only were some ofthe WOW costumes from other countries ‘infested’ but that Chinese furniture manufacturers are not really playing the biosecurity game with ‘borer holes being covered with putty’ and ‘some Chinese furniture manufactureres put good quality wood on visible surfaces and poor quality – insect damaged or bark covered- timber in internal sections of the furniture.’

As the local prophet said “Ban their hairy arses. Apples get banned from Taiwan because of ONE moth in 30 years and we let this happen?”

Biosecurity is NOT a nil risk game; there will always be some risk.  But when these types of shenanigans happen it’s time to take action.  Funny how MAF officers will still have a job if an industry destroying incursion occurs isn’t it.

Most worryingly are the following two statements

– “more than half the detections happened post-border” That’s our border not the other countries!

“voluntary fumigation of furntiture by importers was helping keep the pest risk low” (sigh)


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