New Bankruptcy Laws: Have I got an investment plan for you!

To all you young and asset free out there go out and acquire yourself a couple of credit cards.  When they ask how much credit you want; go for around…ummm…$40,000.

Then go out and buy yourself some good quality jewellery or anything else that might appreciate but which the IRD may not be able to call an asset; or even set up a house with TV’s etc.

Then go to the IRD; declare “Woh is me, I am a silly young thing, spent too much, and can’t pay it back”

They will declare you bankrupt for a year. Now off you go, go overseas for your OE, and have fun with that airline ticket which will now have to be paid for by someone else; and wait for your diamonds and gold to go up in value. Or alternatively when you come home you will have all the home comforts ready to be pulled out of storage.

Don’t ever say this governmen never does anything for its people.


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