The Usurpation Bill

Though I may be at risk of stating the blindingly obvious but all this talk by Aunty Helen around how bad ‘Big Money’ is, is a little two faced.  If I remember rightly last election Dear Leader spent LOTS of money that wasn’t even hers on pledge cards.  At least the “Big Money” was legal and given of their own free will!

(Edit: the ‘Big Money’ that Clark keeps referring too are the anonymous donations (which I believe should be completely transparent) and the activities of the Exclusive Brethern.  The EB failed to fully disclose who was behind the pamphlets they were publishing.  Labour had the opportunity to prosecute them and chose not to. Instead Labour give us the EFB and the Appropriation bill, plus a litany of other ludicrous legislation, which in the fullness of time prove to be, at best, ineffective in fulfilling their aim)


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