Shafted by a Telco cont’d

 I have previously blogged …

about how the screen on my son’s phone broke just three days after he bought it; and that I suspected that we would get taken for a ride….I was right.

Earlier this week I got a phonecall saying they had checked the phone and the screen was broken

“Well done Einstein you’ve just told me what I already know, what about the sensor in it that will show if it was dropped, the sensor that one of the sales reps told me about. Does that show that the phone was dropped because I know it wasn’t’

The sales rep decided he would get back to me…


“Hello Madam, we have got comment back from Nokia and the warranty states ‘impact or physical’ damage to the screen is not covered”

“So what you are telling me is that you told me lies.  You said you could prove if it had been dropped or not by the sensor and since we knew that it had not been dropped we were willing to send it off to Nokia servicemen because we thought that the warrenty would cover the $55 cost of checking it out.  What did the sensor tell you exactly”

“Uumm there is no sensor but Nokia’s warranty states….”

“I don’t care anymore about the warranty; you told me incorrect information. We risked the $55 because we knew it wasn’t dropped, we therefore believed that you would replace the three day old phone (yeah right) and we would be happy customers (double yeah right).  We know it was faulty”

I am waiting for the regional manager of the branch manager of the service person to get back to me.  I ain’t holding my breath.

Mobile telephone sales agencies REALLY wind me up. 


One Response to “Shafted by a Telco cont’d”

  1. whaleoil Says:

    If it was Vodafone then post this video.

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