Purpose of the EFB

The Electoral Finance Bill states its purpose as…

(a) maintain public and political confidence in the administration of elections; and

I think the HUGE public outpouring on this clearly indicates that there is NO public confidence in the administration of elections under this bill.

(b)promote participation by the public in parliamentary democracy; and

Yeah Right! We are curtailed at every turn and made to abide by rules that would make Stalin proud.

(c) prevent the undue influence of wealth on electoral outcomes; and

That will be why Labour have passed the usurpation Appropriation Bill to take taxpayers money; they can’t do it with this one.

(d) provide greater transparency and accountibility on the part of candidates, parties and other persons engaged in election activities in order to minimise the perception of corruption; and

That’s because no member of the public will be able to participate effectively under these rules.  It’s very easy to make something transparent when no-ones participating because you have stymied them.

(e) ensure that the controls on the conduct of election campaigns

(i) are effective; and

(ii) are clear; and

(iii) can be efficiently administered, complied with, and enforced.

Another Yeah Right moment; we,I feel, are on a quick course to totalitarianism.


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