The “owning” class?

Dear me, Mr Trotter has, well, flumoxed me.  Apparently we have a (new?) class system in NZ and the bad people are the “Owning” class; this according to his column in today’s Dominion.

Where does this deep hatred of people who have worked hard to gain a couple of assets come from?  Does Mr Trotter not own his own home?  Does he not own his own car?

Saying we marched in Auckland and Wellington because of the money is insulting. 

PR companies will tell that, when you want to get a message acrooss you should only use a couple of key points, put in simple terms, so the public can understand them.  Labours tactic (as it has been for some time) is to use fear and raise the spectre of Big Money and Americanisation of Elections.

The Electoral Finance Bill and The Appropriation bill cover much much more than the funding of elections, there are many, many messages getting rolled out in the melee, however it is how these bills were drafted that sets the scene for the outcome.

Partisan law making on such a grand scale indicates, at the very least, an irreverent attitude towards the voters.  Accompany this with the outrage from normally stoic groups and organisations such as the Human Rights Commission and the Law Society and you have a recipe for an uprising.

Interestly many of the parties who are against the bill are each coming out with there own key messages as to why they think the bill is fatally flawed; each group has it’s own interests.

Mr Trotters analysis of it coming down to money is far to simplistic.  There is so much more wrong with this bill; the way it was written, how the public were(n’t) consulted, and, of course, it’s content.  I believe the effects on free-speech won’t be of front-page  train crash proportions but far more insidious than that; more like death of free-speech by a thousand paper cuts. 


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