Baby dies after mum leaves hosptial early

Firstly, it isn’t the mum’s fault.  I feel the headline indirectly implied it is but then I may be a bit sensitive.  You see my son, who is now 14 & 6ft 3″, was one of the rare babies that got really sick after the ‘designated time’ that he ‘should if he was going to’.  I had an independant midwife but chose to stay in hospital, he was my third child and I still didn’t pick up that things were wrong (though there was a niggle).

If I was at home….

 A couple of weeks later, after everything settled, my midwife said she was reassessing her procedures and would stay longer with mum and baby in the future.  This midwife had delivered all of my children, I trusted (and still trust) her, she had already stayed with me for several hours.

I wonder what the procedure is once you are in hospital, how soon can you leave without care for Mum or the Baby.  I don’t mean that we legislate, maybe we should provide guidelines to indicate when it is safe to leave mum and baby to enjoy their new life together.  Just like you are asked to not leave the doctors surgery for 20mins after your child is immunised.

The baby should at least be feeding well before they leave care; espicially if it’s a first child

My thoughts are with the family…

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