Biosecurity and Bees

Just putting the finishing touches to a brief article on the National Beekeepers Association illustrious win over Biosecurity New Zealand and their (BNZ’s) agreement to import honey from Oz.

The NBA took BNZ to the appeal court and won on the fact that honey contained a bacteria that NZ doesn’t have AND hence, approval for importation should have gone through ERMA under HSNO (Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act; where do they get these names)

Anyway, I found parallels of ?laziness? with my previous post on the Biosecurity Review.

I noted that BNZ stated that…

The Biosecurity Funding Review suggests that given the lack of certainty about how any particular unwanted organism entered the country, funding from importers seems unfair and inefficient.

I also noted that what is MORE unfair is asking the people affected by the incursions to pay (they didn’t create the probelm) and the fact that it is inefficient to track down the perpetrator is irrelevant.

Now in the Honey decision the Appeal Court noted that BNZ submitted

that great inconvenience would resilty if all importations of new organisms as passengers required approval under HSNO.

Convenience or inconvenience should not come into it…it’s not about making their life easy.

The Appeal Court responded succinctly with…

If…administrative or practical difficulties are likely to arise from our decision, then it is within the hands of Parliament to cure any such difficulties by statutory amendments.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.  Give us decent law and we will make it work.


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