Holiday Time…

Cool…had some time off in Rotovegas.  Did the traditional family get together at the Blue Lakes (if you can call four years in a row a tradition) and all the whanau got repeatedly fed an watered and watered and fed.  After years of hard work the younger generaton can slalom and wake board and….while the older generation are still try hards.

Bought a mountain bike from that groovy shop the Outdoorsman; gotta love boxing day sales.  I have only fallen off it five times (3 times tonight); I think I will learn the vagrancies of a mountain bike, as opposed to a road bike, without having my feet clipped into the pedals. It’s an interesting feeling hitting the ground, feeling your neck crunch (in or out, it’s yet to be decided, tomorrow morning should tell), your shoulder graunch and then looking up an seeing your feet in the air, bike still attached and falling quickly :-).

Love it.

Work day tomorrow :-(, then another couple off so it’s just easing back into it 🙂

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