Stealing my broadband

Every year we have a flurry of welcomed backpackers staying with us, they work for us and we look after them, they are heaps of fun…but…

We got home from holiday yesterday and the workers arrived today in their $300 van.  Hubby went out to get them started on work only to find them talking to friends, via a maze of expensive laptops etc, in the Czech Republic through our wireless broadband connection.  Now being reasonably technoilliterate (not too bad however) when they asked if it was OK his reply was…. sure, that’s fine!!!.

Here’s the thing…

I have to go through farmside (satellite) because the broadband in NZ is CRAP.

I pay for 1GB a month.  It’s enough; just.

My billing cycling is from the 21st to the 20th of each month.

We were away from the 22nd.

I logged on today

I have used 150% of my allocation.

Further enquiries showed that 1 GB disappeared on of just before Xmas day…I didn’t think I needed a secure network because I live so far off the road; looks like I’m called Need a Nerd again. (and a interpreter to fully explain why New Zealand’s internet is sooo substandard)

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