I know, I’m a day or so late but here goes.

For 2008 I would like to… (in no particular order)

  1. By a new computer (I may go to the dark side and buy an Apple; has anyone got any thoughts on this?)
  2. Be able to do the 30km mountain bike loop around the Blue Lake in Rotovegas next Christmas without breaking my arse.
  3.  See Daughter number one happily ensconsed at Waikato Uni and having as much fun as her mum did in her first year at Uni 🙂
  4. See Daughter number two blossom further and work toward Uni 2010 for that degree in “World domination wha ha ha ha haaaa”
  5. See Son number one repeat his schooling efforts this year, his team win the Army Cadets national skills competition, do an ANZAC parade with his enlisted uncles and stop growing (just kidding; but 6ft 3 at 14 years of age is a little extreme)
  6. Make some money off the feckin apple orchard; nearly got it right last year, but one of the ducks fell over (the NZ$)

On a less personal note…

  1. A new government; one that believes in its people, not one that constantly tries to control its people.
  2. Less bureaucrates; they should all have to re-apply for their jobs but not in the manner in which they are accustomed to working i.e. the written word.  They should have to show practical ability towards the industry they are working ‘for’.  For example; if they are in biosecurity and are writing yet another compliance procedure for, let’s say, the pipfruit industry, then they should be able to come to an orchard and prune, thin, pick, manage pests, manage foreign exchange, understand the oveseas markets, understand the workings of a vertically integrated grow-pick-pack-sell operation, manage budgets, participate in the auditing prodecures, complete repairs and mantainence on a shoe-string budget and when they have finished that they should be able to live of a negative income base, in the face of rising compliance costs, and still have a zest for life. (That should clean out 95% of them)
  3. Less consumerism; you just don’t need it. (I do need that new Apple though, right?)
  4. More people enjoying ‘slow food’.  Home made, with love and care, and enjoyed, not endured.

One Response to “2008”

  1. whaleoil Says:

    Definitely buy an Apple…..they rock hands down, and this is from a previous PC nut., I will never go back

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