I’ve got a pasta maker :-)

This may not cause great joy in your household but in mine having a pasta maker is akin to an epiphany.  You see I’m coeliac, it’s not a disease it’s a genetic predisposition, it’s not something I ponder on much, it just is.  I can’t eat gluten and that cuts out barley (beer), rye (whiskey) oats (porridge) and wheat (pasta). (Gin’s OK though; phew 🙂 )

I also enjoy my food and am of the belief that just because I’m gluten free, food doesn’t have to be taste free. I refuse to eat toast that tastes like cardboard or cakes that resemble small windowless buildings.

So when I found a recipe for gluten free pasta and test drove it on the pasta deprived family and they didn’t know the difference I knew we had a winner.

Hence for the second time in a week (and the second time in 5 years) I have had tagliatelli covered with bacon and mushrooooooom and cream sauce  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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