Our download speeds, they are criminal.

Got this information off www.speedtest.net 

It shows the average download speed per category. It certainly goes to show how far behind we are, how we are being treated like fools and highlights the source of my frustration; not to mention the impacts on New Zealand’s productivity as a whole.

Top ISP provider in the world is Segic Usach Ltda (Chile, i think) 29317 kb/s

The site also gives ratings per continent 

North America 4470 kb/s

Europe 3769 kb/s

Australasia 3674 kb/s

Asia 2041 kb/s

Sourht America 843 kb/s

Africa 635 kb/s

Now for the top countries

Japan 11714 kb/s

Sweden 8018 kb/s

Latvia 6830 kb/s

Romania 6274 kb/s

Lithuania 5487 kb/s

Bulgaria kb/s

Singapore 5294 kb/s

Netherlands 5289 kb/s

Germany 5260 kb/s

France 4970 kb/s

My results, from the only service provider that is availalbe to me because I live 8 kms from a small town and 3.1 kms from a school is…drum roll please…509 kb/s. And for this I get the pleasure of paying $100 per month; yep that $1200 per year to be shafted (but at least I’m not getting shafted by Telecom; there is some pleasure in that)

Why don’t you all take ‘the test’. Send me the results along with your ISP and I will play with the numbers and see what we can come up with.

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