Illegal Billboard update

A few days ago I published this picture from an acquaintance in the Nelson region


The manwho made this sign is incensed at the way this government is treating it’s citizens.

Now the leftie fools who are commenting over on Kiwiblog have attacked it/it’s producer/and DPF in all manner of ways.

They complain because it doesn’t use full words or it has too many exclamation marks.  They are insinuating that it’s owner is mad, they are even saying that DPF isn’t telling the truth. 

THEY MISS THE POINT AND ONCE AGAIN THEY PLAY THE MAN AND NOT THE BALL and this is exactly what we, the general NZ public (not just the right), are sick of.

The message from this billboard is clear.  It says I am a New Zealand citizen and I will say what I want, when I want and not just on a billboard. The message is bigger than just this sign.


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