Sad story…

I know I have been waxing lyrical about HB and in some cases it’s beaches but there are some stretches of the HB coastline that are paticularly dangerous as this sad, sad story shows.

Marine Parade is a particularly dangerous beach at times and personally would NOT go swimming there.  This little boy mentioned in the story was not swimming,he was enjoying some fantastic time in the sun with his mum….and even then…

The waves on that beach are very misleading, often you can not see any huge swell, these waves just rise up and dump.  There is a wonderful walkway along the foreshore which has seen a dramatic rise in the number of people using the beach area however, and I don’t know the answers, people need to be made more aware of the dangers.  There are signs but they just don’t show the full extent of the danger. People become accustomed to the signs etc.

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