Cullen out of touch!!!

You live round the corner from me, how can you be so out of touch.  Have you not seen what I have seen?  You say…

“New Zealand business has got a responsibility for investing more in productivity.”

“Business has got to come to the view that it has to invest more and not just seek cheap labour as a means of increasing its production.”

Mr Cullen has lost touch with business to such an extent that he does not realise that buisness people, intrinsically, inherently, by their very nature,  want to be more productive.  That’s what business people do.  If buisnesses are  not productive, they are not businesses, they are out of business.

Now given that businesses want to be more productive, what in New Zealand is stopping them…

Well unemployment is at an all time low so it’s very difficult to find the right person to do the job you want.  You have to train them, invest in them.  This is a cost to a business and for a short period of time decrease productivity; and then they might leave (it’s their choice of course)

Then there are the compliance costs that go with employees. You need another employee just to cope with the paper work!!!

Over 40,000 people a year are moving to Australia, that’s our labour force, and that’s where our productivity is going.  I put it to Cullen that the reason wages are so high in Australia is that New Zealanders are actually quite productive and valuable and Labour has managed to scare them away.  Businesses in New Zealand actually need those people.  Those people that we educated and trained and gave them enough nouse to….leave. Australia has invested NO money in them and they are getting the benefit.  Throwing more money at them in their wage packet is NOT going to stop the rot. 

On that note I also see, via internet ads, that House of Travel have some very cheap tickets for those wishing to go to Australia, you know, $150ish to Melbourne. However I note that they are only one way tickets however, so it’s gonna cost you a whole lot more to come back.

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