It’s Art Deco Weekend

Every yea thousands of fun-loving people descend upon HB to enjoy all that we have to offer.  This year we have the added bonus of the Queen Victoria visiting; that’s an extra 4000 or so people.

Here are some rules for Art Deco weekend. 

  1. Watch out for people on the Art Deco Tours.  You will see them standing, in groups, on street corners or being led to the next corner.  They are of particular danger to themselves and you because they are constatnly looking UP. Napier streets can turn a little into ‘dodgems’
  2. There are so many activites going on that you must plan carefully. One wouldn’t want to miss anything exciting would one.
  3. Wear sunblock; this is Hawke’s Bay and I know that sunblock isn’t strictly ‘Deco Wear’ but let’s be sensible 🙂
  4. Be prepared to start each day slightly ruffled.  Too many bubbles and good bottles of wine imbibed the night before come with not so pleasant side effects, but we cope.
  5. Be prepared for anything, expect the unexpected and have fun.

Well I’d best be off, got some planes to watch, wine to drink, cheese to consume and pleasant company to enjoy.

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