Why so paranoid?

I was out with my camera looking at property this morning (someone said it was going to be a buyers market soon) and came across these two pearlers


The owner of the house came out and asked if he could help, I said I was just taking a photo of the house (the one on the advertising billboard) and admitted I was also taking a photo of the caravan (not that there is anything wrong with that; right?).  It was a friendly exhange…

I did not take a photo of the whole car because there was someone in it and they have their right to privacy; and I only wanted the crest.

Anyway after I took the photos of the sign, the caravan and the car I left only to find that the little red crested car was behind me.

Now there are a few reasons why this would happen

  1. Just a completely innocent accidental coincidence
  2. They wanted my number plate
  3. They wanted to me to know I knew they were there.


So here’s the deal. 

  1. If you put a crest on something, I’ve paid for it and I’m allowed to take a photo of it. 
  2. If you want to know who I am; ask me
  3. If you want to intimidate me; don’t bother it won’t work.

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