You lost my money!

Govt announces shock budget deficit

 This the exact reason why Cullen should have given us back our money along time ago; he’s irresponsble and doesn’t know WTF he is doing.

If I had my money I would have paid off debt – pure and simple.  It would not be in the currently whimsical (at best) overseas markets.  It is my capital and he lost it.  Then he has the gall to say

“Today’s figures are a timely reminder, if anyone needs a reminder, of the strong need for governments to maintain prudent fiscal policy in small open trading economies such as our own,” Cullen said.

Well sonny, you might have needed that reminder but I certainly didn’t.  The only thing that this rminds me of is that ‘it is better to manage your own money rather than leave it in the hands of the sharks”. Do we still get tax cuts?


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