I accidently discovered a great magazine :-).  I am utterly sick of ‘those’ women’s mags that either depict anorexic or cellulite ridden celebs on their front covers (I have never actully bought one but doctor’s surgerys are soooo boring) and I am sick to death (no pun intended) of magazines that seem intent on telling women how to ‘get better’, lose weight, or raise their family so when sitting in the hairdressers I picked up a mens mag; M2.  It was everything I wanted in a mag, it gave me info on technology, it had jokes, it had great articles on people, and I was pleasantly surprised that the editor had waited until page 100 and something to put a couple of pictures of Nicky Watson drapped over an object.

I lamented that women don’t have a mag like this (change Nicky Watson to….uuummm….I dunno….Sting)

Anyway, today i tually bought the March edition of M2 to make sure I wasn’t duped and nope; it is good too.

I will be a regular reader (and I’m a girl ) some might think that they have missed their target market, but I think they just doubled it.

And guess what girls, it’s got pcitures of gorgeous guys in it – bonus

One thing, I perused the website and their was a competition that you could enter only if you had bought your mag at a certain supermarket, I hadn’t.  It seems a little strange that a mens mag has aligned itself with a supermarket, but maybe I’m too long in the provinces. 🙂 


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