Queen Bee at the Hive said….

James cites the apple problem with Australia as an example of FTAs not being able to solve all problems. The problem Colin is that CER does not contain provisions on Sanitary or Phytosanitary issues, so apples were not covered. this is why we have had to rely on the WTO

when discussing the FTA with China.  Now I don’t know much about our FTA with China (does anyone?) but I do know a little about our apple issue with Australia.  The reason we have to rely on the WTO and can’t wave our CER agreement about is that…wait for…there are NO dispute resolution procedures associated with CER so if we have a bit of a gripe that can’t be resolved over a cuppa tea then off to the WTO we go.  I knooowwww, amazing huh? It astounded me when I found out.

Under CER we are expected to abide by the TTMRA (Trans-tasman mutual recognistion agreement) and the SPS agreement (Sanitary and Phytosanitary Agreement). Australia are clearly not doing this (that’s my opinion anyway) so WTO is the only option.


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