Our Newspaper rubbish

The daily angst and disappointment of walking to the letterbox to get the paper has finally gotten the better of me. So here it is “Our newspaper is rubbish”.  I want it to be better but it ain’t and Hawke’s Bay Today should really get their shite together. 

We used to have two exceptional daily rags, The Daily Telegraph and the rurally focused Herald Tribune.  Both were full in content and a very good read. But some years ago one took over the other and now we have a limp rendition of ghosts past.  They have recently condeded defeat and now have only one section.  The rather embarrassing ‘back section’, consisting of a front and back page and a bit in the middle, has been removed.    I have never found a HB Today in a cafe in Hawke’s Bay.  Flotsam from the DomPost and NZ Herald is often seen strewn across tables, even yesterdays news commands an audience if today’s is in disposed. So where does that leave us.

I am seriously considering cancelling my subscription and this is a big decision for me; I’m a news junkie. But to those at APN please don’t think I am going to compensate by buying the Herald, the cafe’s do that for me.

Please APN can we have something to read in the afternoon.


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