Another invader

The Mediterranean Fan Worm; this gorgeous but highly invasive litte creature has been found in Lyttleton harbour.  A quick google search showed this document (Sept 2001)

which states that the wee worm can

reach densities of up to 300/m2, has a rapid growth rate and can regenerate from fragments.

It also states that there is little research done on the impacts of this beasty though they do state that it is highly invasive and from the media release

While they have not yet been recorded to have had significant impacts on fisheries or aquaculture, there is potential that dense beds could become a nuisance to recreational and commercial fishers through the clogging of dredges and fouling of other fishing gear.

and a final note under the heading “Action Plan” from the 2001 document ( which I hope they actually got sorted)

Increasing our understanding of this species and how to respond to an

incursion by developing a risk profile and an incursion response plan.






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