Message for Paul Reynolds…

 I don’t believe you.

We have two telephone lines into the house and at present neither of them work, and won’t do so until MONDAY!

Line 1 went VERY crackly a few days ago, as someone down the road had some work done on their telephone line.  You see there are so few telephone lines available up our valley that whoever complains the most gets the best line.  So we go on this merry go round of having an ok line for several months and then it all turns to custard.  It’s our fax line, we don’t recieve many faxes, i’m busy so I let it slid a little too long…

Line 2: that went down completely tonight.  and the story that sits along side this goes from ‘WTF’ to ‘you said what?’

Firstly i ring the advertised residental fault number of 120 and have to go through the whole automated voice thing with the computer asking me if i’d like to pay a bill or open account! (in your dreams).  This is the fault line I have rung.  When we don’t understand each other the computor tells me that she’d like to try it another way to which I responded she could try it sideways but it ain’t going to help; still she didn’t understand ;-).  Anyway by sheer chance I managed to press the right combination of buttons to get through to faults.

Ring ring ring , crackle crackle crackle, is that music in the background, crackle … 10 mins later..

Evonga (spelling? it’s pacific island for Yvonne) answers the phone and we go through the standard process of have you checked your phones etc. and due to the large number of faults in your area we won’t be able to send anyone out until Monday.

At which point hubby got on the phone, he’d had a bad day and Telecom wasn’t helping.  The upshot is that even though we pay for a service, we can’t get it until Monday.  After 10 mins of hubby trying to explain that what Telecom provides us is an abuse of power and that we have eliminated Telecom from our life wherever we can, Evonga tells us we could try another service provider if we liked.

Jeeesus, if I ran a business like that, using that marketing and sales strategy I’d be broke.

Anyway we said if we could change we would but the problem is that Telecom own the lines and whoever we got to take over the landline business would still have to use the crap that telecom have in the ground now.

I know I have blogged on this before.  We are less than 8kms from a town, less than 5 froma shcool and we cannot get broadband through Telecom.  We have to go Satellite at a huge cost.

So in short Mr Reynolds, you were appointed to the position of CEO of Telecom just under a year ago and from our perspective, nothing has changed.

Feel free to call me


Update: Line 2 fixed almost immediately, we obviously squeaked enough to get some oil.  Line 1 still doing rice bubble impersonations.  Apparently you can only complain about one thing at a time, they hadn’t registered the other complaint.


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