Time for a Rant

In the past few years we have been buying new appliances.  It’s a function of being married 20 years AND those old ones that the grandparents gave us…well they died.

When considering what to buy we tried to get good brands, not the top top of the range, but not your Warehouse model either and tried to be reasonably loyal to local suppliers.  The reason for the rant is I want to know where is Quality and service has gone.  Nobody gives a shite.

Here’s the list and their ensuing problems

  • Dishwasher, AEG bought from Harvey Normans, never cleaned properly, was ‘fixed’ 5 times and only after a rant was it replaced by a more expensive and exceptional Bosch and they finally believed me that it wasn’t our water pressure that was causing the problem. Never did find out was was wrong with the AEG.  But I was told that it was very strange that the AEG wasn’t working properly.
  • Computer, Toshiba, Harvey Normans.  Upon purchasing it continually suffered the ‘blue screen of death’ and overheating.  After several trips to the repair shop the mother board was finally replaced and the finally believed me that it wasn’t ‘dust’ that caused the problem.  But I was told that it was very strange that the mother board had failed.
  • Front loader washing machine, Ariston, Harvey Normans.  Main cylinder cracked within the first couple of weeks, water everywhere. Replaced within 10 days (like that’s acceptable) and I was told that it was very strange and they have never had that happen before.
  • Condenser dryer, Ariston, Harvey Normans.  Completely diead after 2 months and it’s going to take two weeks to get it back.  They have to wait for the mother board to arrive; NOT ACCEPTABLE
  • Stove; Westinghouse, Noel Leeming.  Bought it two weeks ago, told it was going to arrive on the friday of that week…it didn’t… was told it was going to arrive on friday this week…it didn’t.  I got told today that it will arrive on the 18th… NOT ACCEPTABLE.  I had already gone through the store manager to purchase the appliance as I hadn’t been able to get any sense out of the sales people (two different prices for the smae item on two different days).  They have promised they will give my money back as I am purchasing it from…wait for it…Harvey Normans.  and the kicker.  I bought the stove from NL in June and the prices rose on the first of July so I have to pay an extra $100
  • Vacuum Cleaner, Dyson, Harvey Normans. On switch stopped working, fixed for free even though it was 1 week out of warranty because… it’s a very strange thing to happen.
  • Double Toaster, Sunbeam Cafe Series, Noel Leeming.  Had to be replaced within a week beacuse one of the toasters wouldn’t stay engaged.  Should have replaced it’s replacement as the crumb tray doesn’t come out properly
  • Jug, Can’t Remember brand, 100% Betta Electrical (since gone bust), wouldn’t boil so they replaced it.
  • Side by Side Fridge Freezer, Bond & Bond, Samsung of all brands.  Bloody Brilliant
  • Microwave, Cant be bothered going and looking at the brand.  Would like to replace it as you need a degree to work the sodding thing.  Hubby bought it.  Note to self:  He buys his toys, I buy mine.

So as you can imagine I am pretty dirty on those operations that sell dodgey appliances and don’t

  • feel they have to fix them promptly
  • feel they have to replace them promptly
  • Continually try and blame the consumer (I got told that dishwashers don’t really wash anymore they just sterilise so I should wash the dishes before I put them in the steriliser dishwasher
  • don’t feel they have to deliver them promptly

I have also taken to telling them that. They don’t appreciate it much…

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