Adverts against Government policies

There is a disturbing trend emerging from groups within New Zealand, of shelling out large sums of money to get their point acoss to the New Zealand Government.

It’s not disturbing due to the money spent, but it is disturbing due to the fact that these groups feel that this is the only way to get their point across…I am pretty sure they are not feeling heard.

In today’s Sunday Star Times, on page A7, there is a large advert taken out by Alasdair Thompson, CEO of the Employers and Manufacturers’ Association (Northern) Inc, asking New Zealanders to call the various leaders of our political parties (phone numbers supplied, good move) to express their dissatisfaction with Trevor Mallard’s ramming through of changes to KiwiSaver Law.  Apparently No Public consultation is wanted (where have I hear that before).

Then on page A13 Family First have taken out a full page ad detailing all the cases of “Parents assaulted with bogus smacking prosecutions”.  This ad isn’t even asking you to do anything; it’s just informing your of what’s happened since the anti-smacking bill became law.

I find it remarkable and deeply disturbing that New Zealanders have, under Labour, been reduced to this to try and get their voices heard. 

Come on Winston let the lolly slip, get your backside fired, and we can have a general election sooner than later.


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