Greens Candidate for Tukituki

Sources tell me that the Greens candidate for Tukituki, Quentin Duthie, lives and works in Wellington; that’s really bloody useful for Hawke’s Bay isn’t it.  Apparently he was bought up in Otane; SO WHAT.  You need to love the place you are trying to represent.  You want to represent it? Live in it.

A quick check of his bio shows that he has lived in Wellington too long to be any use to us provincial types.  It states…

His worldview is informed by strong family, social justice, and welfare ethics.

That’s shocking use of the english language.I don’t think you’d find anyone in Otane  trying to speak like that; what the hell does it mean anyway.

We can put a thick black line through that candidate… or on the brighter side ,at least this candidate will further reduce the already miniscual votes that Rick Barker gets  🙂 (that’s nasty)


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