It’s going to e an interesting flight….

I fly into Auckland this afternoon, looking at these forecast maps it should be an interesting experience.  I do, however  have one particular flight against which I can judge all others.

It was a few years ago now but we had one of those 40 degree days in Hawke’s Bay and as we were approaching Wellington (not yet in landing mode) we hit a (very) cold front. I knew all was not well when the pilot came across the intercom and asked the cabin crew to take their seats, and they ran!

After a few seconds people were praying, some were letting out muffled screams, while one woman, who I can only assume was mentally deranged,  was yelling YeeeeHaaaaaaaa; believe me it was just like a rodeo ride.

a double espresso with sugar fixed the shakes at the end of that.

Anyway, from the forecast it looks like HB may get hit  this time too.



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