Bring it on!

so November 8th it is.  Election day. 

In announcing this date Uncle Helen looked tired (even with the hair done), and more than a little angry, and this was voiced in her pre-announcement speech.  It’s going to be an ugly election campaign on their behalf.  Mr Key had better ‘get some mongrel’ (just a little bit) and master the one liners. Don’t mention lipstick though.

‘Him who works outdoors’ first reaction to ‘an announcment’ was “ooo she’s finally gonna fire Winnie’s arse”. But I quickly said ‘No, it’ll be an election day announcement; a nice diversion, cunningly chosen as that will make it two days in a row where Winnie hasn’t made the front page of The Dom’ (Winnie was ousted by the murder of another one of our outstanding police force).

To all her new initiatives and policies is say “Give it up Helen, it’s been nine years already’ (apologies to Vogels)

So there you have it.  An election announcement based on defense and desparation by a Prime Minister who has circled the caravans and who has her troops firing randomly in every direction.  What she doesn’t realise is that while they are busy fighting off the advances the rest of us have gone around the flanks, left them behind shooting at shadows, and are busy working towards a new regime.

Bring it on.



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