That’s entertainment!

Well I’ve not been blogging for a while due to a major operation; not, I will hasten to add due to ill health, just girlie stuff gone haywire.  So as I lay on the couch being bought endless cups of coffee I needed some form of entertainment.  The credit crunch/crisis/catastrophe has provided that. 

CNN telling everyone not to panic, Fox’s ‘journalists’ yelling at, and talking over, each other and not allowing interviewees to answer the questions, BBC’s stoic analyses…endless drama to had.

Yes, I guess it feels that surreal, being at arms length, but watching and listening has reinforced my beliefs about the world’s use of credit.  Here’s the thing, consumers need to realise that you do not have automatic right to credit to buy that new car or get that marble topped kitchen.  Credit is NOT an income source.

I am hearing US commentators complaining that people can’t get credit when they want it, now I feel for those losing their homes, but sometimes…just sometimes… you have to save for the things you want.

I am worried that worldwide we have an entire generation of people who have never had to wait for what they wanted, it’s been too easy.  I don’t know if they have the tools to survive.

On another note there has been talk of an export led recovery, the dollar, euro and yen are all dropping but if we are to sell our products to other countries, their consumers have to have the money to buy them.  I suspect luxury items will be off the shopping list…the world may go back to basics.

It’s going to be interesting to watch and see; that’s entertainment

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