Foss & Tremain Win


Picture Lynda Forrest; Dom Post

Well it won’t be news to too many people that both Foss and Tremain won their electorates but what really matters is the emphatic way in which they did it.  They didn’t just win, they ran their opponents out of town; much to the relief of many.

Here are the stats.


Votes Counted 32 839; 

Craig Foss 18 689

dick Rick Barker 11401

PV National 16 541

PV Labour 10 459


Votes Counted 32 852

Chris Tremain 19 463

Fairbrother 11 033

PV National 15 549

PV Labour 11 033

Foss and Tremain increased their majorities significantly from 2005

Foss Majority 2005 2402; 2008 7288. A 303% increase

Tremain Majority 2005 3591; 2008 8430. A 234% increase

This is totally due to the pure, good & honest hardwork that these two put into HB

Fairbrother is now exiting parliament (he at least had some dignity and did not put his name forward for a list position) and Barker has decided nobody loves him in HB and will not be standing for Tukituki again, unfortunately he is keeping his position in parliament due to the position on the list. 

NB: I am not against list MP’s as long as they have some form of expertise to give to NZ e.g. Tim Groser.

All I can say is “Fantastic Effort” and it was a priviledge to be a part of it, if only in a small way.

Love this too from Wikipedia; blue’s such a pretty colour.







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