Telecom AGAIN and Farmside’s extortion.

All we want is a telephone line to the house, one that doesn’t crackle, spit and fart incessantly, one that doesn’t ring on it’s own accord, and one that we can rely on to get a fax through unimpeded.  

As I have mentioned and mentioned we have two lines into the house.  One for the home and one is supposed to be for my business, but that second line has been relegated to the fax line as it is so unreliable. Telecom have now given it ‘priority two status because of our problems over the past few months’ MONTHS…more like bloody years. And don’t get me started on broadband…on second thoughts, lets get started.

As a desparate business owner needing broadband we took up the expensive and only option of Farmside.  1GB a month for just over $100. It’s very average but does allow me to download large files as i need.

After a couple of months of going over on our usage we were offered a ‘fantastic deal’ of 1 more GB for the same money the only catch being that we had to sign up for another 3 years (i hate that)

We didn’t

So we were offered the same deal but we only had to sign up for 2 years. (still hate that)

We didn’t.  

Now it appears that because we didn’t take them up on their generous offers they are now going to charge us 15c per MB that we go over; this has gone up from 5c/MB, a 200% increase.

I personally call this extortion.  We signed up for one deal and now they are changing the rules.  

We need cable and we need it now…


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