Agriculture, Biosecurity and Forestry

Well the last government (that feels good to write) gave us Anderton and they gave him all the associated portfolios …”Ag, Bio & Forestry” 

After a fair amount of persuasion along the lines of




he did finally take some action on the ‘Apples to Oz’ issue i.e. took australia to the WTO (outcome released Juneish next year)

But what have Labour done now? Well they have split the three portfolios and to the best of my knowledge as their website does not give you ANY information 

Kelvin Davis? has Biosecurity and by all accounts he is not an MP and hence can’t be found on the Labour party website.

Anderton keeps Agriculture

Mita Ririnui has Forestry.  

Two of these people are completely unknown to me and it is difficult to get any info on them.  

You may ask why I would want info on them; well I was just curious as to who was going to be in opposition on these issues and, well, I think I have discovered exactly how much importance labour puts on these portfolios…none.

Explains the hard work we had to go through to get any sort of action….


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