Summer’s/Life’s Quirks

We have just spent another fabulous week at the Blue Lakes in Rotorua. It has been a short family tradition that for the past 4 years hubby’s family has descended on the Top 10 Holiday park, all 26 of us, and played on the lake. Every year it has rained and has been cold but the reason for the holidays was primarily to teach the next generation to waterski/wakeboard.
You see all of HO’s (him outdoors) family were taught to be towed behind a boat and there is a world famous photo (famous in our family anyway) of the three brothers skiing all at once behind their father’s boat.
This holiday culminated in the students surpassing the teachers. Four cousins wakeboarding behind the boat. There were numerous high fives at the end of that one 🙂


There were many other hilarous incidents too.
When you are surrounded by strangers you can hear some funny stuff.

Overheard early one morning in the women’s toilets (to be said with an Irish lilt)

“You know I just want to see the whites of me eyes again. I tell you what we’re gonna do Nora, we’re going to drink two bottles of water tomorrow morning before we start drinking again, dat’ll see us right”

And from a 16 year old member of the family who was playing Risk and had just won overthrown Alaska (to be said in a broad American accent)

“And I can see Russia from my house” 🙂

However all the fun and frivolity can change in a split second and after what HO has since described as a ‘technical difficulty’ when coming in to the beach after a splendid slalom ski, (Read Technical Difficulty as being a smidgen too close to shore, ski catching and launching HO head first into the beach at 20-30kms/hr) he now has two slightly fractured vertebrate in his neck and is a very lucky man still to be walking, talking and indeed breathing on his own. After only one night in hospital he is now firmly ensconced on the couch watching any cricket available, sporting a large neck brace and a sheepish grin.

As soon as it’s safe to do so, I am going to kick him firmly up the *&^% for the stress he caused.

So that’s the holidays over and done with. We were supposed to go the Matapouri for a week but oddly enough HO ain’t up to travelling,  so I am just going to enjoy my own slice of paradise. I may also indulge in yet another bottle of Mount Difficulty ‘Roaring Meg’ Pinot Noir. Yummm Yummm, oh and shine the pointy toe of a stiletto shoe….

Note: Very special thanks to the ambulance crew (sorry for getting your brand new ambulance wet and dirty); to the ED staff who took extra special care of HO(poor HO had four women undressing him and he couldn’t do anything about it 🙂 ) and thanks for the hot, thick sweet tea; to the lovely couple at the lake who offered their blankets, thanks;  to the people who took off over the hill to get cellphone coverage, cheers; thanks to the staff and owners of the Top 10 holiday park who ferried messages back and forth and love to my wonderful family who made packing up in the rain a light hearted and stress free experience; to the nieces and nephews who made hot drinks for the rescuers – you rock;  Uncle Faceplant will be back in action next year. This time however we will be descending on the unsuspecting Ohope Beach….

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