My weather obsession

Apologies for my obsession with the weather however livelihoods depend on it; and not just mine.  Hawke’s Bay is a primary production town and at the moment grapes (your wine!) are shooting, stonefruit has set, and the apples have just finished blossoming.  When I hear helicopters and wind machines at two o’clock in the morning (and 3 and 4 and 5…) I am glad that growers have the tools to save their income, and that of Hawke’s Bay.  This morning’s frost was not a bad one and I am hoping many will have coped.  The snow is very low on the foothills of the ranges and more is set to come.

Growers are resilient folks  and while they spend alot of time planning for the future, watching market trends and wishing they had a crystal ball 🙂 they live very much in the moment, protecting their crops (your food and wine) from the here and now.

Here’s a snap shot of what’s to come. for more info go to


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