Headline: John Key has a…holiday!

OMG Eddie over at the (sub)standard is getting his/her knickers in a twist over John Key having a holiday and spending time with his family. He/she is also getting apoplectic about the fact that JK is spending time in Hawaii and not NZ.  Will Eddies get over him/herself.

My 2c worth are that our PM is

  • allowed a holiday, no seriously Eddie, he is.
  • allowed a holiday anywhere he choses (hell if I could spend a few weeks in Hawaii I would 🙂 )
  • doing what families like to do over the holidays; enjoying each others company.
  • giving NZ his all when he is working and remember his phone is on 24/7

JK and his family have a bach in NZ as well and no doubt they spend time there too.

For goodness sake Eddie just because Helen Clark chose to spend her time climbing mountains (and good on her for that) doesn’t make the time she spent doing so any less of a holiday.

Eddie’s post stinks just a little of jealously and desperation.

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