Go Sir Pinetree

What a great spectacle this will be. Sir Pinetree ( I feel he deserves the title even if he doesn’t) will kicking off for  a match between a Tui Invitational and Mangatainoka RFC Invitational XV AND Sir Brian Lachore will be No.8; unfortunately if you ain’t got tickets you may well have missed out 😦  Oh and there is also a preseason game between the Hurricanes and the Blues. 🙂

This from the HB Rugby Union (Go the MIghty Magpies!)

Just letting you know that we have now sold out of tickets for the pre season match between the Hurricanes and the Blues at Mangatainoka on the 23rd of Jan.  With 10 days to go before kickoff, the brewery sold ticket number 7690 today.   So it’s a full house, the No Vacancy sign has now been placed at the Mangatainoka RFC gate, little Mangatainoka will be bursting at the seams with this number as it is.  So what a great start to the Super 14 season for 2010 – the regional interest is as strong as ever in our national game.

It’s not often that an old rugby club and a brewery gets to host a ‘big’ rugby game – let alone a Super 14 match, but what a day this will be for Rugby and Mangatainoka.  For those that had the organisational ability that secure tickets early –  congratulations!!   You are in for a treat – a festival of sport with pre match, the big game and post match entertainment. Rugby greats Sir Brian Lochore and Colin ‘Pinetree’ Meads, Peter Bush and rugby commentator Keith Quinn having a yak.  And in a comeback from retirement to rival Lance Armstrong,  Meads is expected to kick-off the curtain raiser between a Tui Invitational XV and a Mangatainoka RFC Invitation XV with Sir Brian tipped to be named as No 8 for the big game. In addition there will be an air show, Tui Brewery girls, bands, plus a lot more surprises and entertainment.


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