Support for Whaleoil

I may not blog very much anymore but I do read half a dozen of my favourites every  morning. Cactus  is one of them and Whaleoil is another and while I might not always agree, I do respect their points of view.

Cactus has posted comment on Whaleoil’s plight and this, along with comments from friends who do indeed know WO personally and of his illness, leads me to support Cactus’s post.

From what I understand WO made the wise and responsible decision to take out insurance to protect him and his family should something bad happen. Well something bad did happen and now the insurance company are making his and his families life hell.

For those few of you who stumble on this post, please support WO, I believe in his illness and in his inability to work.  I wish him well and hope he gets well someday soon.

For those of us who have lived with mental illness (either our own or of those who are close to us) we all know the road to recovery can be a long and stoney one.

Thinking of you Cameron and big hugs to Spanish Bride and your children.


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