The Power of Social Media

Have you ever wondered just how powerful social media is?  Well this current furore appears to have only just begun and it’s going to be very interesting to watch.

Here are some links so you get the full story but in short NBR and and a bubbles who will remain nameless (ok it’s Veuve Cliquot) have cocked up.  While they recognised the power of the good side of social media they COMPLETELY under estimated it’s power to destroy you.

Start here Roarprawn and here then watch what I predict is only the beginning of the fall-out here Whaleoil, Cactus Kate, Keepingstock and here (and you can follow more links from these pages.

Busted Blonde won outright, her social media campaign was impressive…and so will the consequences of the deception be. All those that supported her to win, are backing her to win again; and they are bringing their friends along for the ride.

Oh let the fun begin and NO i will not be drinking Veuve Cliquot again, not until they do a massive amount of really costly PR which will involve turning up to BustedBlondes charity fundraiser (whatever it’s going to be) with substantially more than just her weight in Veuve Cliquot and a sizeable donation to her chosen charity (oh and an apology)

P.S. I haven’t linked to specific posts as not only are the blogs way to good to just gloss over (but don’t get distracted from the cause) but there are many relevant posts within the blogs.



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