Since when are we fines collectors

I have just done a 12 hour day…it’s not the first this week and it’s only Tuesday (I think :-))

I run a micro-business (less than 5 employees; in fact there’s just me)

My husband runs a micro-business, yep it’s just him too, except for when he hires seasonal staff. So you can imagine our pleasure when we continually get letters from the Ministry of Justice addressed to “The Payroll Manager” to collect their fines for them off our ex-employees.

Yes, even if they have worked three short days and never turned up again (a common theme but that’s another story) we get the letters and we have to find time out of our day to ring and let them know.

We are not debt collectors and are getting very sick of being lumbered with any form of tax collection be it Kiwisaver, student load, fines WHATEVER. There just seems to be an open slather on employers to do the job.  WE ARE SICK OF IT.

Here are some statistics. There are 327,836 businesses with zero employees…yep one man bands like us who don’t have “payroll managers”

There are a further 100,000 businesses with less that 5 employees. I can assure you these guys will be struggling to hold it together in the compliance department too.

So come on, give us a break.  We didn’t incur the fine, loan, or savings plan. It’s not our liability yet we are made to do the paperwork for it.  It takes up our valuable time, decreases our productivity and interferes with what little time we have to relax with our family.

Here endth the rant.


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