Christchurch Earthquake

With most catastrophic event there is generally one photo that really stands out. For me it is this one

The sense of loss portrayed here is immense.  It’s not only because it is a historic homestead, it’s because it’s a home and has been for generations.  You can see their treasures that they cannot get to and will not be able to save. You can see their stuff stored ‘safely’ in the attic, and you can see them just wandering around, looking. A solid, established, much loved, triple layer brick building, shattered, irreparable, gone.

Of course the tale of survival that goes with this photo adds to the drama, the young boy who was catapaulted from his bed on the second story to land on the ground and have his home landing on top on him; we all try to imagine what that would be like but quite frankly we can’t.

I live in an earthquake zone, but have never experienced anything like this and nor do I want to. The terror on peoples faces, and the tears that well up in their eyes as they recount their stories, is enough to tell me that those little rumblings that have scared me in the past are nothing compared to what happened in Christchurch.

Good luck to the people in Christchurch, you have a tough road ahead, it may take a year or more to have everyone back in permanent homes but I think it will take a lot longer to get over the terror of that night.


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