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March 14, 2011

Well its three minutes until entries for the Taupo Ironman open and I am sitting here in anticipation. I am also sitting here with my lower limbs strapped after years of abuse. Shin splint scar tissue has reared its head, so I am wondering what the hell I am doing even thinking about this…. but back to it, there are 353 days to go and I can currently swim 2.5km, cycle 50-60 easily and run 10km; none of it at great speed and I am still a little overweight. Some would say it’s a headstart, some say its madness, but at 45 years I want to do it…here I go.

Update: after some nervous moments with an overloaded website I completed the registration, my shins aching in anticipation.  I was anxious before but I can now feel the post Ironman registration euphoria fading and being replaced by the knowing of the pain that is to come; or at least I think I know, and maybe that’s the point.