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Floods in Australia

January 5, 2011

The numbers are mind boggling. Water levels 9 metres above normal, and area 3x the size of New Zealand under water.  I have been in floods, in fact Cyclone Bola swept through my residence (and then we had another less than 6 months later), but the water rose and was gone.  It didn’t hang around for weeks, it was a short sharp slap, we endured the pain of watching water come and go overnight, and then got on with the recovery.

My heart goes out to those affected, farmers have lost their year’s income (in actual fact it is worse than that because they have invested the money into that crop that was just about to be harvested), families will have lost homes and their lives will never be the same. Australians, like New Zealanders, are a stoic lot and they will get through this. It will take years for some towns to recover but just like I can now roll Cyclone Bola off my tongue, like a badge of farming honour, they will get through and the desperation and despair will turn.


Wedding Givers – great concept

January 11, 2010

Press Release from Mystery Creek Events Centre

Happy couple keen to gift their wedding to deserving pair

Hamiltonians, Gene and Kim, want to share their wedding experience with a deserving couple to take place the day after their own wedding on Sunday 28 February, 2010 at Mystery Creek Events Centre, Hamilton. The soon to be wed pair feel privileged to be able to afford their own wedding in this difficult climate and empathise with couples who are unable to realise their own dream of a wedding. Therefore, with the generous support of a variety of sponsors, Gene and Kim would like to gift a duplicate of their wedding to a worthy committed couple.

To be considered as the ‘Wedding Givers’ recipient, potential applicants must be eligible to marry and be experiencing financial hardship which has made the dream of a wedding an impossible expense. Their financial difficulty could be caused by many reasons, some of which include; a casualty of the recession resulting in redundancy or business loss, serious health issues concerning their partner/child or any other difficult circumstance beyond their control.

The selected couple will receive a wedding on a similar scale to Gene and Kim’s, on Sunday 28 February, 2010. The ceremony and reception will be held at Mystery Creek Events Centre at the Heritage Village and the Bledisloe venues.

Interested couples can either enter themselves or be nominated by family or friends through applying online, before February 10, 2010, with a description as to why the couple truly deserves the gift of a wedding. Submissions and conditions of entry can be sourced at <> .

Through the generosity of sponsors, all major aspects of the wedding have been covered. Kim has even offered to lend the winning bride her own wedding dress. This promotion could not be possible without the help of the following sponsors; Radio station ZM, Mystery Creek Events Centre, Super Liquor Te Rapa, Kiwi King Spit Roast Company, Zibido Hair, Gem’s Gems, Five Cross Roads Cake Kitchen and Anne Purnell of the Celebrants Association of New Zealand.

Craig Foss caricature

January 11, 2010

Murray Webb does it again. He captures one of the Backing the Bay team brilliantly

Hideous Air New Zealand Concept

January 8, 2010

Please say it isn’t so.  The women’s uniform is hideous and while I normally love Trelisse Cooper’s designs this one is WAY off the mark.  The only advantage I can see in this patterned dress is that the hostess will not have to worry getting passengers vomit on it…it will blend nicely

The Hawke’s Bay 4×4 Club and Canteen

December 13, 2009

The Hawke’s Bay 4×4 Club took members of Canteen for a spin today…smiles all round

Earthquake off Vanuatu

October 7, 2009

Crikey another big Shake-up for the Pacific.

While it’s great that we know when a wave might hit NZ it’s also equally important to know when one might hit islands closer to the epicentre.  Perth Now reports that a tsunami, if there is one, should hit Vanuatu within an hour of the quake,21598,26181623-5005521,00.html

That was about 15 mins ago…

My weather obsession

October 7, 2009

Apologies for my obsession with the weather however livelihoods depend on it; and not just mine.  Hawke’s Bay is a primary production town and at the moment grapes (your wine!) are shooting, stonefruit has set, and the apples have just finished blossoming.  When I hear helicopters and wind machines at two o’clock in the morning (and 3 and 4 and 5…) I am glad that growers have the tools to save their income, and that of Hawke’s Bay.  This morning’s frost was not a bad one and I am hoping many will have coped.  The snow is very low on the foothills of the ranges and more is set to come.

Growers are resilient folks  and while they spend alot of time planning for the future, watching market trends and wishing they had a crystal ball 🙂 they live very much in the moment, protecting their crops (your food and wine) from the here and now.

Here’s a snap shot of what’s to come. for more info go to


Tree + Car = ….

October 5, 2009

We had spent most of the night helping people on the Napier Taupos and were driving home.  Unfortunately due to all the rain a LARGE Redwood had fallen across the road …

Everyone OK PajeroThis why people in the who live in the country drive 4×4’s

No tax cuts; that’s good

May 28, 2009

I will looking with interest at the comments surrounding Bill English’s announcement that tax cuts are deferred.  Handing out money in the form of tax cuts, in the current economic climate, would be as wrong as not giving tax cuts when the economy was good.  Both actions, giving tax cuts in a recession and not giving tax cuts in the good times, have the effect of strangling the economy and suffocating productivity.

My 2c worth.

How to peeve people off….

May 12, 2009

Just received this email from a trusted source.

Hi folks, we’ve just found out about NZ Post’s “PO Box Direct List” – which they’ve told us they are selling for direct marketing purposes. When we asked them, they said it was a case of PO Boxholders opting out, rather than them asking you if you want to receive all the junk mail … So if you have a PO Box number, you might want to email this guy or someone like him, and tell him, no thanks!